Christmas social (December)

Nothing tops a pot luck after practice around the Christmas seasons. This gives the kids playtime together but also chance for the parents and coaches to know each other. Ultimately, it takes a full team to achieve excellence.

Annual Show (usually 3rd Tuesday in June)

Children love to perform – gymnasts especially. Regardless of their acheivement level, participating is important to see how much every child have accomplished during the year. Furthermore, children do feel and cherish cheering and support.

This used to be the year-end show. In 2010, we decided to move it to the first / second Sunday on June to avoid conflict with exam schedule, holiday, field trips and other events typically held in June. Furthermore, we discovered that by moving the performance date earlier, we can structure June classes such that there are more games and preparation towards the next season.

Year-end Games/Sports Day (last Tuesday in June)

In the last class every year, we will have games and skill contests to socialize and have fun together as a team.


Every year, we have the entire month of July off to not only enjoy some family time, to plan for the next season and to grow new ideas. It is also time to allow any old injuries to heal as well as to challenge your kids with some new activities like cycling, swimming and the great outdoors.
We start classes again in some centers after the long weekend in August. It is the perfect time to try out if you are wondering if your child likes to join the program.